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Chinook Indian Nation Reaffirmed as Sole Heirs to the Lower Chinook & Clatsop with Precedent-Setting Distribution

WASHINGTON, DC – In a landmark legal victory, the Federal Courts, the Bureau of Indian […]

How far should protecting Native artwork go?

"If we’re Indian enough for the BIA to have a fiduciary responsibility to our people, […]

Chinook citizens get free tuition at Clatsop Community College

“Knowing that hundreds of tribes are receiving these incredible opportunities while the Chinook Indian Nation […]

Clatsop Community College offers free tuition to Chinook Nation students

“By providing free tuition, Clatsop Community College will change the lives of so many Chinookans […]

Chinook Indian Nation continues decades-long fight to be recognized by U.S. government

The Chinook tribe has a long and storied history in the Pacific Northwest, but wasn’t officially federally […]

The Chinook Indian Tribe calls for restoration of federal recognition

The Chinook Indian Nation has spent decades petitioning the U.S. government for federal recognition, which Chinook […]

Letter to Editor Regarding Federal Recognition of the Chinook Indian Nation

In chinuk-wawa and English chinuk-wawa saya anqati shawash-tilixam ɬaska miɬayt kʰapa uk iliʔi kʰanawi-rawnd qʰa […]

Letter: Chinook Nation should be recognized

As executive director of Vancouver-based Confluence, I write today to wholeheartedly agree with former Congressman […]

New Oregon college scholarships leave some Indigenous students out

“No matter how much [I worked], if I was the leading student in the school, […]

Denied, dispersed, disadvantaged: Chinook tribe pursues centuries-old fight for federal recognition

The ruinous results are hidden in plain sight, tribal members like Robinson argued while observing […]

Waiting For Recognition

A number of tribes remain on the waiting list for federal recognition. Some want to […]

Chinook Indian Nation members rally for recognition in Vancouver

More than 100 members of the Chinook Indian Nation, and their local friends and allies, […]

Slog AM: Chinook Nation Rally, a Missing Bike Mystery, and Juicy Neighborhood Gossip

Chinook Indian Nation will host a rally today at the Federal Building. The tribe gained federal […]

Who gets to be American Indian?

Rachel Cushman was about to become a Gates Millennium scholar — a program funded by the Bill […]

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