It's Time for the Chinook Nation to be Federally Recognized

support tribal recognition

Congress has the authority to recognize tribes — and can restore the Chinook’s rightful recognition that was granted 20 years ago. This action is long overdue — the time to act is now. We must allow the Chinook Nation to have the opportunity to live their lives, seize their own opportunities, and take ownership of their very own property and their right to determine their own future. Every single day of inaction is another day of denied justice for the Chinook Nation, and we can no longer afford to wait any longer.

Support Federal Recognition

You can help us fight for Chinook justice. Tens of thousands of Americans have already written letters and signed petitions in support of the Chinook Indian Nation.

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Show that you support federal recognition of the Chinook Indian Nation.
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Write Legislators

Urge your elected officials to support federal recognition of the Chinook Nation.
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